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  Discover an unspoiled vast territory of one of the most sunny places in the world, a welcoming oasis of blue lakes, green fur tree forests and snow capped peaks towered up in to the sky. Surrounded by the world largest arid deserts and highest mountain kingdoms Central Asian people has preserved the nomadic traditions and customs along with hospitality, outstanding heritage and untouched nature. It is the territory of very rich history, a region that glitters with historic figures of Moghul Baber the Lion, Marco Polo, Umar Khayam, Avicenna and others. Over the centuries Central Asia has witnessed the rise and fall of countless civilizations. The armies of Chinghiz Khan galloped across the green steppes, Tamerlaine the Great swept through here, and Alexader the great is said to have marveled at the extensive walnut forests. In a land of echoing with history, its green areas and blue lakes never cease to surprise.

  In the nineteenth century the great empires of Britain and Imperial Russia vied for preeminence along the mountainous border region which separated their spheres of influence. This 'Great Game' was played out over the passes and in the valleys of Central Asia and the Greater Himalaya, and was captured dramatically in Rudyard Kipling's classic novel 'Kim'. Fantastic Asia travel company provides the opportunity for adventurous travellers of the 21st century to explore the same mountains and extend the boundaries of their own experience.

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