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  Kyrgyzstan is one of the last few unpolluted grounds on our planet that along with beautiful alpine nature has preserved nomadic traditions, rich heritage and cultural continuity that dates back to many thousand years of history and antiquity.

  It was born on the 31st of August, in 1991 as a sovereign modern democratic state and lies in a region that glitters with historic figures of Alexander the Great, Tamerlane, Moghul Baber the Lion, Marco Polo, Umar Khayam. Situated in the North-East of Central Asia it has a total area of 198.5 thousand sq. km.(twice biger than Hungary or 3 times bigger then Sri-Lanka), supporting a population of 5 mln. Kyrgyzstan borders Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan and China.

  The largest part of Kyrgyzstan is occupied by Tien-Shan and Pamiro-Alai mountain kingdoms, the highest and some of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the world. The highest being Pobeda peak (“Victory”)-7439 m., Lenin peak 7134 m. and Khan-Tengri, (“Emperor of the skies”) 6995 m. part of Tien-Shan and Pamir mountain ranges. This makes it a wonderful place to go trekking, hiking and climbing.

  Over 90% of Kyrgyzstan surface area is above 1500 m, of unspoiled nature and primordial beauty of towering mountains, which give Kyrgyzstan more than 28 thousand rivulets, sparkling streams and lucid brooks. There are 1923 large and small lakes in the Republic but largest and best known is Issyk-Kul lake.

  Placed along the Great Silk Road on the historic crossroads of trade and cultural exchanges between China, Iran, India and the Arabian Sea, Kyrgyzstan has become home for more than 80 nationalities and ethnic communities. Kyrgyz, Russians, Ukranian, Uzbek, Germans, Tatars, Kazakh, Uigur and Tadjik among others. As a multi-natinal state Kyrgyzstan has a rich variety of languages, literature, folklore, arts, crafts, customs and communities that lend colour and variety to Kyrgyz culture. The Kyrgyz Republic firmly upholds the equality of all communities; the official languages are Russian and Kyrgyz, yet Russian forms a common language of all groups.

  In Kyrgyzstan there are 4000 species of high vegetation, 500 species of animals, 335 species of birds, 25 species of reptiles, 49 species of fish and 3 species of frogs which makes it a real paradise for biological tours.

   The climate in Kyrgyzstan is continental with very cold winters and particularly hot summers. It is a mountainous region with all year round snows in the high lands. The one can expect sub-zero temperatures while in the mountains at any time. Once you are out of the mountains the temperature becomes much warmer. The best times to visit are May to October.

State flag
1. Red background of Kyrgyzstan flag symbolises valour and boldness. Tribal banner of the great Kyrgyz epic hero Manas and flag of Kyrgyz Kaganate were also red.
2. Golden sun with 40 sunrays personify calmness and wealth, while 40 sunrays symbolise 40 ancient Kyrgyz tribes.
3. Tyundyuk- (the top of the yurta) is the symbol of the paternal house.
Adopted on 3rd of March, 1992.

National emblem

  State emblem presents the circle with wide rim. In the centre on the blue background there is the lake Issyk-Kul - the pearl of Central Asia. The waters of the lake symbolise natural beauty, the source of life and energy. Behind the lake there are seven peaks symbolising seven regions of Kyrgyzstan and there are also the rising sun and white eagle - symbol of liberality and vigilance, height of thoughts of Kyrgyzstan citizens, inhabiting the country of celestial mountains. On the rim there are wheatears - symbol of diligence and peace and twigs of cotton plants with opened cotton balls.
Adopted on 14th of January, 1994.

Aliases: The Kyrgyz Republic, Khirghizstan, Kirgizstan, Kirgizia, Kirgizskaya Respublika, Kyrgyz Respublikasy, Khirghizische Republic.

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