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  The Great Silk Road is the trading caravan way from China to the capital of Rome empire. Existed from the 2nd century B.C. till the 16th century A.D. the total length of the route was about 7 thousand km. It got its name from the first item of transit trade - Chinese silk, later beside silk, appeared other goods: jewellery, glass, iron etc.

  The main route of the Great Silk Road went through the territories of China, basin of Tarim, Over Pamir and Tien-Shan mountains, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, along the eastern shore of Mediterranean and farther to the main trade centres of Near East, North Africa and Europe. The Great Silk Road played an important role in lifestyle of many nations of Eurasia. It was an important artery in ancient and middle aged time, the source of trade and information, cause of many conflicts and wars. Along the route appeared, reached the golden ages and die many nations and cultures, trade centres and many capitals of world empires.

  In the 2nd century B.C. People took many attempts to cross Tien-Shan barrier, some scientists suppose that this part of the Great Silk Road already functioned in 4th century B.C. In any way the territory and nations of ancient Tien-Shan were located in the heart of this huge economical and cultural phenomenon.
Many caravan routes on the Great Silk Road were changed by time, and only the main directions from the East to the West and back were kept originally.

  Caravan traffic was very slow, in good day the caravan consisted from 100 to 10 thousand camels covered 8 farsah (50 km), in nasty days - 4 forsah (25 km). Along the route the one could take a rest in Caravanserais.

  The Great Silk Road promoted the transition to settled style of life, and developing of animal breeding. There were no similar phenomenons in the history of humanity with the same economical and cultural importance. The Great Silk Road put the Order, Commonwealth and Peace in general chaos of the Middle Ages.

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